Video as a Reflective Tool for Teacher Development

Steve Mann

The talk, titled 'Video as a Reflective Tool for Teacher Development,' will be delivered by Professor Steve Mann. It will explore and evaluate innovative approaches to English Language Teaching (ELT) teacher development through the strategic incorporation of video-based methodologies. Grounded in the insights from Baecher, Mann, and Nobre's (2023) book, (Using Video to Support Teacher Reflection and Development in ELT; Continuum), the presentation will consider the practical applications of video observation software, screencasting, and the transformative role of video in both Continuous Professional Development (CPD) and pre-service teaching.

Attendees will gain valuable insights into the dynamic functionalities of video observation software, showcasing its effectiveness in cultivating reflective practices among ELT educators. The discussion will highlight how these tools facilitate scaffolded approaches to teaching observation, offering nuanced insights into classroom dynamics. Additionally, the integration of screencasting in teaching will be demonstrated, emphasizing its potential in crafting instructional materials and enhancing teacher education.

The presentation will further illuminate the impact of video in CPD contexts, exploring its role in self-observation and peer reflection. Practical examples and case studies will underscore the integration of video to foster collaborative learning environments among educators, nurturing a culture of continuous improvement. The proposal will also address the strategic use of video in pre-service teacher education, examining its applications in practical contexts such as the practicum and in-service programs. Through engaging with this session, conference attendees will acquire a deeper understanding of how video, complemented by innovative software tools, can significantly contribute to ELT teacher development. The talk aims to inspire a dynamic and reflective educational landscape, fostering growth and excellence in ELT teaching practices.

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